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Rules of Play

Although Trailblazers is a competitive event which provides young golfers with the opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to demonstrate their skills and experience “real” competition play, we would ask that all participants do not lose sight of the true spirit of the event, namely that the children have fun on the day and enjoy their Trailblazers experience.

With that aim we respectfully draw all participants’ attention to the following Rules and Conditions;

1. Other than the special rules listed below the tournament will be played under the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Rules of Golf.
2. Golf etiquette and good behaviour must be observed at all times, both on the course and around the golf club.
3. A parent or nominated guardian (over 18 years old) must supervise each participating child both on and off the course. This adult will be responsible for the behaviour of the child both on the course and around the golf club, and also to record the child’s score.
4. The responsible adult may carry the bag for the child (i.e. act as a caddy) and help will be permitted with shot selection however no help will be permitted once the competitor is on the green (i.e. putting out).
5. A strict dress code for the venue must be observed – jeans and t-shirts will not be allowed.
6. All competitors must check in at the registration desk at least 30 minutes before their starting time (all starting times will be placed on the website at least one week before the event) and must be at the first tee 10 minutes before their starting time.
7. Upon completing a hole each adult should agree with the other adults and competitors the score for that hole and record the score on the scorecard provided.
8. Any flags obstructing a shot may be carefully removed to allow the shot to be taken and then must be carefully replaced in the correct position.
9. After a competitor has taken their allotted number of strokes the numbered flag provided (provided at the registration desk when signing in) should be placed at the exact point at which the shot finished. 5-7 year old age category has 40 allotted shots to play the 9 holes competition, age groups 8 - 16 play a stroke competition.
10. It is our intention to limit the number of entrants to approximately ninety competitors at each event. Many more than this and the day will become very long for the competitors. We will operate a first-come-first-served basis for the number of competitors in each category. We will obviously try to evenly balance the number of entrants but in the event of a category being undersubscribed we will make additional places available in the subsequent categories.
11. When all competitors in a match have finished they should go to the registration desk and submit the scorecard – this will be checked and agreed at the registration desk.
12. Should there be a tie there will be a count back to decide the result – this will be on the basis of the last six holes completed and if still tied the last four holes completed will be used . If still tied then the last two holes will be used for count back purposes and if tied after that then the last hole will be used. Should the competitors still be equal then there will be a sudden death play-off starting from the 9th hole.
13. All competitors will tee off from the same tee on each hole.
14. Air shots will count as strokes taken.
15. Should a competitor fail to get out of a bunker after 3 strokes the competitor may place their ball to the side of the bunker, no nearer to the hole, for no penalty although the 3 strokes taken will count.
16. No more than 9 strokes in total may be taken at any hole – if a competitor reaches 9 strokes for that hole they may progress to the next hole and record 9 strokes taken for the hole just completed.
17. Distance measuring devices are permitted.
18. There are 4 categories of competitors, based on age only: 5-7 years old, 8-10 years old, 11-13 years old, 14 -16 years old. The eligibility by age shall be determined by the competitor’s age on 1st September.
19. The tournament committee may request sight of a birth certificate at any time during the tournament. The committee reserves the right to reject any entry previously accepted or disqualify any competitor without giving any reason for its decision.
20. The Trailblazers Tour (Scott Stevens Golf Ltd) will not accept responsibility for death, injury, disease, damage or loss sustained by any person taking part in or attending any Trailblazers event.

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